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I am a yoga and movement educator based in the West of Ireland. I look at movement as medicine, and teach in a way that will allow you to explore, connect and build awareness in your own body while empowering you to embody the process.

I have a love of anatomy and function within the intricacies of the human body and yoga has given me the opportunity to explore movement as a therapy in both the preventative and management of specific ailments, diseases and injuries.

Like many others, I came to yoga looking for a movement practice at a pivotal moment in my life. What I found there was so much more than just movement, it was essentially a wholeness practice that led me down the path of self enquiry where, the opportunity for growth is forever present. This never ending quest for delving deeper has afforded me the ability to get a clearer understanding of how I show up daily in my life.

I believe wholeheartedly in nurturing our bodies and minds with good food, movement, connection and a deep sense of honouring who we are in this world. I am a mother, student, teacher, musician, lover of nature and books, never say no to a walk in the woods, a dip in the sea or a laugh with friends!


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A gentle introduction class designed for people trying yoga for the first time.

Open to all levels looking for a softer fluid based flow.

A strong and energetic focused flow, with some fun sequencing and challenging holds

Open to all after the first trimester. These prenatal classes are a nurturing safe space.

One to one classes are specifically designed for each clients needs.

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If you’d like any further information about any of my classes please get in touch and I’ll be more than happy to help.